Posted on 23 May 2022

Are technology and wellness a match made in the metaverse?

Two words you rarely hear in the same sentence are wellness and technology. However, the topic of digital health, nutrition and technological wellness is high on the global agenda and will define the future of wellness, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

Press ‘1’ for optimum health

When you think of wellness and technology together, perhaps you think of a telehealth app you just downloaded. Or maybe you glance at the Fitbit on your wrist or the Peloton in your living room. Perhaps you wonder about those high-tech sleep headbands everyone is talking about. While, all of these examples technically do fit within the ever-expanding category of wellness technology, according to the Global Wellness Summit, they don’t tell the full story.

While plenty of technologies promise to make us well, the truth is that the majority of technologies, especially the ones that keep our eyes glued to screens all day, hinder our wellbeing more than they help it.


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Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Worldwide, the average person spends a total of six hours and 55 minutes looking at a screen each day. There was also a recent Harvard Medical School study that confirmed blue light is disrupting our circadian rhythms, meaning less sleep and greater risk of depression, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. 

By turning its attention to the ample time when we are already using it, rather than feeding us wellness through more technology, the wellness industry has a massive opportunity to reset our tech habits at scale.

How can wellness and technology forge a healthier kind of relationship?

From dedicated wellness channels that move us from passive watching to active participation, the future of wellness will make the most of AI and technology to create digital platforms focused solely on increasing our health and wellbeing.

There are gaming apps that counter the negative effects of screen time by using light signals to slow further elongation of the eyeball, and technology that offers maximum infrared into the body to help it renew and transform.

The way we see it – technology has the potential to super charge our wellness, we just need to begin to put health and wellbeing at the centre of how we engage with it:

“​​We foresee a future where we treat our tech intake more like our food intake— taking greater care to understand how it affects our mind, body, emotions and overall wellbeing.” - Global Wellness Summit

Bringing wellness and technology together for good

Chair & CEO of the Global Wellness Summit and the Global Wellness Institute, Susie Ellis, believes that the evolution of a wellness metaverse is ‘imminent’. Owing to a range of social forces, including the pandemic which has accelerated everything in technology, wellness is now front and centre in all of our minds and at the forefront of businesses and government strategies around the globe.

At Sunlighten, we have been passionate specialists in wellness technology since day one. From our patented full spectrum technology to our hand-held lumiNIR, which features breakthrough LED technology, our products have been independently tested and proven to unlock the many benefits of infrared light therapy and can be incorporated into everyday wellness routines.

 With the global wellness economy only set to grow, we are ready to rise to the challenge and realise the opportunity of incorporating the latest technological discoveries to ensure that it can be a force for good in health and wellness, not a hindrance.

To learn more about Sunlighten’s patented full spectrum technology, visit our website or enjoy a range of articles on wellness, immunity and the latest science on the Sunlighten blog.

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