Posted on 14 July 2021

Can an Infrared sauna really change your life?

It's not often that you stumble across something that you can say has quite literally changed your life, but for Taliah Lowry, Byron Beach Abodes' (BBA) Creative Director, that’s exactly what happened the first time she experienced the magic of a Sunlighten infrared sauna. This experience provided the inspiration to install a Sunlighten infrared sauna as part of BBA’s bespoke, luxury service offering.  We speak to Taliah about what guests can expect from a stay at Byron Beach Abodes.

No ordinary infrared sauna 

A beautifully crafted, cabin-style Sunlighten Signature infrared sauna, comes complete with cutting edge heating technology, a Blaupunkt bluetooth sound system and a Chromolight therapy function. It’s a combination sure to induce the deepest relaxation, tension relief and sense of wellbeing. Providing the perfect escape to write a few emails at day’s end, listen to some music as part of a wellness routine, or even just to indulge body, mind and spirit in a total detox, a Sunlighten infrared sauna can be the answer to society’s breakneck pace.

“I had a Sunlighten infrared sauna installed in The Lodge and it’s been a game changer for me,” shares Taliah. “It’s now an essential part of my wellness routine and is so effective in its health benefits that we now offer a one-person Sunlighten infrared sauna as part of our bespoke, luxury BBA service offering at Byron Beach Abodes. I figure, if my daily routine sees me using the Sunlighten infrared sauna as part of my home exercise routine, and provides me with a place for total, immersive relaxation and meditation, then it should be part of the offering to our guests as well.”


Wellness is a way of life

With an ingrained ethos of wellness making up the very essence of the Byron Beach Abodes’ brand, providing guests with the ultimate relaxation experience is at the forefront of decision making for their designs, offerings and signature aesthetic of each of their luxury holiday properties. And this passion comes through every time Taliah tells her story about the myriad of benefits she has experienced since installing a Sunlighten infrared sauna.

“I’m happy to share that I suffer from insomnia and sometimes that comes with bouts of anxiety too. Since having an evening infrared sauna where I choose a different colour for light therapy depending on my mood, I’ve been sleeping better and have had markedly less anxiety. This has been the most life-changing result for me, and I believe that there are few better ways for our guests to finish another perfect Byron day than with a perfect night’s sleep too.”


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Experience the luxury of a Byron escape

With mineral pools free from harsh chemicals that delivers relaxing, refreshing, restorative swims every time, to fully provisioned kitchens where you can create delicious, healthy meals using the freshest local produce sourced from Byron’s renowned farmers markets or wholefoods stores, this is the perfect place for an escape any time of year.

To add to this, Byron Beach Abodes even takes the hard work out of deciding what to cook with a few scrumptious recipes from their favourite local cafés for inspiration. With holiday playlists, a list of their favourite walking tracks, plenty of outdoors activity suggestions and even tips on where to go to get your hands around Byron’s best burgers, the team at BBA has thought of everything.

The ultimate wellbeing getaway

Despite the impact of the pandemic, many of us are still leading the busy lives we always were – and those busy lives are straining our mental and physical wellbeing. What better way to ‘reset’ the frenetic pace of our lives and nurture our spiritual wellbeing than with a mini getaway?

The team at BBA is on hand to share a few tips on the health benefits of having greenery in your home, which is something you’ll find in every single one of their abodes, and they will even set up movie soirees in your backyard for when your family and friends get back home. It’s all part of creating the ultimate wellbeing getaway. And what is the cherry on top, according to Tahlia?

“The one-person Sunlighten Signature infrared sauna is available for all of our guests to add-on to their stay and will be transported to your accommodation to use throughout your stay. All you need to do is contact our team for bookings, and the magic of a sauna could be moments away. We can’t wait to welcome you back!”


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To learn more about bringing the benefits of Sunlighten’s mPulse or Signature infrared saunas to your home or accommodation, visit our website. And be sure to visit the Sunlighten blog for more tips on how to increase your health and wellness in 2021 and beyond.

*Please note that the location of each sauna at each Abode may vary from the pictures.


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