Posted on 4 March 2021

Get your glow on!

We don’t often think of our skin as an organ, but it’s actually the largest one we have. All the more reason to take care of it!

However, after the harsh Australian summer, our skin can start to show signs of sun damage, dullness, and dryness. At Sunlighten we are passionate about supporting your health and wellness, and that means having your skin look its best. So, here are three of our favourite ways to rejuvenate your body’s outer layer to achieve that healthy glow:

  1. Make way for the new
    Your skin is constantly renewing itself, regenerating a new layer an average of once a month. Exfoliating helps remove dead and lifeless cells from the outer layer of our skin and promotes circulation to make way for new cells to come to the surface.

    To move this natural process along, use an exfoliating scrub, towel or face brush and gently massage your skin with a cleanser and warm water in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Everyone’s skin is different, and it is important not to over-exfoliate - however, we recommend exfoliating approximately once or twice a week using a quality, organic product like Dr Organic’s Tea Tree Exfoliator or Go-To Skincare’s Exfoliating Swipeys.

  2. Supercharge your cells’ natural healing
    One of the most effective ways to stimulate cell renewal and promote your skin’s natural healing properties is light therapy. Results are best achieved after you cleanse and dry your skin, and you can’t go past Sunlighten’s lumiNIR - the ultimate in LED self-care and light therapy to reveal glowing and healthy skin.

    The lumiNIR’s infrared wavelengths deliver targeted treatments in just minutes to the various cell and tissue types beneath your skin’s surface, promoting rejuvenation, cellular turnover, tissue repair and even pain relief. It’s portable, it’s easy to use, and it could be your best kept secret to glowing skin all year round.

  3. Detoxify from the inside out

    Achieving that healthy glow goes far beyond skin deep, meaning we need to look inward first at the things we are putting in our bodies. Of course, we know that eating a balanced, nutrient-rich and plant-based diet, as well as getting a good night’s sleep, is important to our general wellbeing - but it’s also super important for the health of our skin.

    Nutrients known to play a big part in skin health are things like essential fatty acids and Omega 3s (found in oily fish, nuts, seeds and leafy greens like broccoli), as well as drinking plenty of water. Start your day off right with Vital Organic Greens multi-nutrient blend or Nature’s Delight Organic Omega 3 Mixes.

    Taking care of your skin is an important form of self-care that helps us look and feel like we’re glowing from the inside out. For more health and wellness tips, visit the Sunlighten blog or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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