Posted on 23 September 2021

Hugh Greenwood from the Gold Coast Suns shares how his Sunlighten Infrared sauna helps with his fitness and recovery goals.

Hugh Greenwood, Friend of Sunlighten and professional AFL athlete for the Gold Coast Suns is one of the most disciplined athletes with a background in not only AFL but professional basketball. 

This month we spoke to Hugh about how he weaves his mPulse Believe infrared sauna into his rigorous training and fitness routine along with how it helped him during his recovery from his ACL injury early this year. Even though the Suns missed out on their chance in the finals, Hugh is determined and eager to continue his commitment to training hard and looking after his health and wellbeing, using his infrared sauna as a tool to help him train and recover effectively to optimise his on-field performance and also maintain his holistic wellbeing. 

Sunlighten: Why did you decide to get a Sunlighten Sauna?

Hugh: I thought by losing some weight and then maintaining that weight during the season that it would help me in taking my game to the next level. One of the first things that came to mind when losing weight was saunas.  However, after doing some research I was able to see the true potential of Sauna’s and in particular Sunlighten infrared saunas. After setting out to find a sauna that was simply going to - “get hot and make me sweat” my eyes were opened to the power of Sunlighten’s infrared technology and its ability to not only achieve my goal by comfortably losing weight, but at the same time help my body recover, provide me with a deep sense of relaxation, enhance my mental wellbeing, and even review and prepare for upcoming games thanks to the inbuilt tablet!

The final selling point for me was seeing some of the AFL’s best and most consistent players in Scott Pendlebury, Travis Boak and Trent Cotchin swearing by their Sunlighten infrared saunas. If the best players in our game swear by it, and it’s backed up by their on-field performances then I know Sunlighten is the Sauna for me.

Sunlighten: How do you utilise your sauna and have you noticed any improvements? 

Hugh: Thanks to Sunlighten’s 6 different specialised work-out programs I was able to optimise and specify each session depending on the day of the week, what block of training I was in, and how my mind and body was feeling at the time.

During the off season I would typically use the Cardiovascular program on off days as a top up to the running I was doing during the break. I would also use the Weight Loss and of course the Detox program from time to time.

During the preseason I would typically use the Pain-Relief to assist my body with the quick turn around’s between trainings along with the huge workloads and training demands. 

In season I would rotate between the Pain Relief, Relaxation, and the Detox program depending on the day of the week.  Typically, I would use my Sunlighten between 3-5 times a week. The Sunday after a game would be the Pain Relief for obvious reasons. Monday would either be a Pain Relief or a Relaxation session to help wind down after a big day of reviews, film and recovery. Tuesday would be another Pain Relief and then on Thursday I would do a Relaxation session while watching film on the upcoming opposition using the Sunlighten Sauna’s inbuilt tablet.

Prior to hurting my knee, I was at an ideal body weight, running out games while thriving in 4th quarters, still training hard during the week, and ultimately backing it up game after game with what I felt was career best footy. I think by incorporating and by utilising my infrared sauna into my training/recovery program was a big factor for these improvements and will only continue to assist me in my career moving forward. 

Sunlighten: What are the three things you do each week to prioritise your health and feel your best?


  • Walk/Ride everyday with the family.
  • Surf/Swim at the beach at last 3-4 times. One of those times being a morning swim the day of a game.
  • Utilise my Sunlighten Infrared sauna at least 3 times a week.

Sunlighten: What are your health and fitness goals for the off-season after hurting your knee?

Hugh: With pre-season not until January and the season not until March we’re taking the conservative approach with my knee. Typically, it’s a 12-week injury so by late September/early October I should be well and truly back to full off-season training mode with zero restrictions. My goals are to continue working on my speed/explosiveness and make sure I continue to tick off my overall aerobic capacity. Skill and kicking development are always a focus for me every off-season as well. 

Sunlighten: What’s inspiring you at the moment? 

Hugh: Since hurting my knee I’ve been more diligent and paying closer attention to my faith. So when I attend church of a Sunday or when I do my daily readings I feel like because I’m reading more consistently that I’m more inspired by the scripture and I feel like I’m doing a better job of incorporating the messages into my everyday life.  I also have my church’s app downloaded onto my Sauna’s tablet so I can watch and listen to services while I’m in my Infrared sauna.

My daughter Tahj was born in June, and so spending time with her and my 1.5 year old Titus has been very tiring but of course very rewarding. Living on the Gold Coast it’s awesome to watch them grow up by the beach and I’m very blessed and very humbled to be able to live such an incredible lifestyle while at the same time doing what I love by playing footy.

Visit our website to for more information about the Sunlighten Infrared saunas range and be sure to check out our interview with Jono Castano for more insight on how athletes use infrared light therapy to help with performance recovery. 


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