Posted on 5 May 2021

The wellness revolution starts at home

The impact of our built environment on our wellbeing

Cross-disciplinary studies have begun to show that the built environment impacts our wellbeing from hormone production, inflammation responses, gut and respiratory health, stress levels, immunity, emotional and mental wellbeing, and so on.

“We are not separate from our buildings; our buildings influence us, nudge our behaviour and practices, impact our mood, and inhibit or enhance our capacity to tap into our own spirituality.” - Veronica Schreibeis Smith

In their compelling analysis of the future of wellness released recently, the Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 Trends Report outlines that, this year more than ever, we need to be looking for spaces designed to make ‘sacred and numinous’ moments part of our consciousness. That means, if you are keen not to let the lessons of ‘the great reset of 2020’ fall by the wayside, then it’s time to take a more holistic approach to the design of your home spaces.

Recreating architecture that touches our souls

At Sunlighten we are passionate about supporting your health and wellness, and helping you create impactful wellness spaces that enhance your everyday. On that note, we draw on the latest wellness trends to offer you three ways to incorporate a little more zen into your home, and your life in general.


  1. Nudge yourself back into the present moment

    Most of us have experienced a moment where it felt like time stood still, our thoughts seemingly paused, and we were struck by awe and beauty - either in nature or in a human-made space. In line with the principles of Wellness Architecture, we now know that it is possible to recreate or ‘nudge’ this feeling along through wellness practices and the design of a room or space itself.

    When thinking about redesigning your space, it is important to take cues from the environment around you and look for ways to incorporate movement and light. Whether it be creating a yoga nook in a particular area of your home with the best feng-shui, or remodelling your entry way to promote a sense of uplift and positivity with a sky light, it is possible to optimise the orientation, proportions and layout of your home to promote greater mindfulness and bring you back to the present moment. 


  2. Create dedicated sacred spaces for rest and contemplation

    Of course, we are heartened by how popular it has become to install an infrared sauna in your home, so that you can enjoy the many benefits of a deep, detoxifying sweat from home all year round. But it turns out there’s also an incredible psychological benefit of creating architecturally ‘thin spaces’, like saunas, that are infused with energy and designed specifically for rest, contemplation and relaxation.

    According to the Wellness Institute, these ‘sacred spaces’ have the ability to uplift us emotionally, maximise our cognitive performance and allow us the space to breathe, reconnect and be mindful. By incorporating dedicated wellness spaces, like a sauna or wellness studio in your home, you can unlock the regenerative and long-lasting effects of architecture to nourish your soul. 

  3. Engage the senses

    When you walk through the doors of your favourite pilates studio or meditation centre, what are some of the things that help remind you to relax and unwind? Perhaps it’s a candle or salt lamp giving off a soothing glow, a relaxing scent emanating throughout the space, or even a plant or vertical garden that is detoxifying the air you breathe.

    There are many ways that we can borrow from the design elements of the dedicated wellness spaces we love and incorporate them into our homes for greater calm and wellness. So, light that candle, burn that essential oil or show that garden some love and you might just experience the restorative benefits of your own little Shangri-la at home.

    To learn more about designing for greater wellbeing and bringing the benefits of Sunlighten’s mPulse infrared saunas to your home, visit our website. And be sure to visit the Sunlighten blog for more tips on how to increase your health and wellness in 2021 and beyond.

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