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Melbournians love beauty. This is perhaps best showcased by its many parks, gardens, art galleries and beaches. The people of this city deserve the best relaxation that money can buy, and that's where saunas come in.

sunlighten manufactures the world's leading infrared saunas

What are the benefits of infrared over traditional steam saunas?

In recent times, full-spectrum infrared saunas have grown in popularity.

At Sunlighten, we utilise our own unique infrared Solocarbon™ technology. This helps to provide various potential health and wellness outcomes.

Steam provides an uneven, often sweltering heat. You have to keep bolstering by pouring water over rocks - while our infrared saunas maintain an even, comfortable level of heat throughout your session. Our saunas allow you to select the heat level and duration of your choice. Thus, allowing for a customisable experience.

You can read more about the benefits of infrared versus steam in our helpful infographic.

Your infrared sauna

There is a European feel about the city of Melbourne. It has much of the same class and aesthetic, with a love of sports, the arts and all things cultural.

Our largest Signature Series saunas can fit up to three people (with a larger size available). The biggest of our premium mPulse range holds five. This is perfect for casual meetings with friends, or as an addition to your next home gathering.

Of course, you can also enjoy the relaxing experience of an infrared sauna on your own, if you so wish.

How do I buy a sauna in Melbourne?

By browsing through our products online, you can see which model is to your taste and request a free quote. You will be assigned a personal sales consultant. They will be able to answer any questions you have, and help you through the sales and delivery process.

If you wish to view one of our saunas, we encourage you to visit our Showroom. The location is 359 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.

Delivery, Service and Installation 

Post delivery, you can construct the sauna yourself thanks to our Magne-seal technology. Should you need help with the set up, our installation and electrical teams can come to your home to assist. 

These professionals will also be on hand in the event that any maintenance is required.

Trial sessions at our South Melbourne wellness rooms are available for booking here.

To find out more, send us a message online or call us on 03 9696 4602 today.

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