27 OCTOBER 2020


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5 May 2021

The wellness revolution starts at home

If the first few months of 2021 are anything to go by, it seems that many of us are still leading the busy lives we always were – and those busy lives are straining our mental and physical wellbeing. So, how can we ‘reset’ the frenetic pace of our lives and nurture our spiritual wellbeing in a more long-lasting way? According to the Global Wellness Institute, the answer can be found in: architecture that touches our souls.

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5 May 2021

What the EMF experts have to say about our infrared saunas

At Sunlighten, we know that many of our customers are concerned about EMF exposure, and so are we. Because, while we love the detoxifying power of a good sweat, we don’t want our customers to ‘sweat’ unnecessarily. That’s why we’ve brought in world-renowned EMF research experts – Vitatech Electromagnetics – to test our saunas and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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5 May 2021

Jono Castano, founder of ACERO Training, shares his recovery routine and more

Jono Castano, Friend of Sunlighten Australia and founder of ACERO Training in Sydney, is one of Australia’s leading personal trainers, a highly sought-after fitness educator and all-round motivator. Offering his clients and loyal follower’s tips, tricks and a wealth of information, Jono supports individuals to achieve their health and wellbeing goals including advice on how they should adequately rest and recover properly in between sessions.

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4 March 2021

The detoxifying power of a post-Summer sweat

With summer a time for celebration, often involving a few too many cold beverages, many of us might be emerging from the warmer months feeling sluggish and far from our best. That’s why we asked functional medicine expert and author of The Inflammation Spectrum, Dr. Will Cole, for his tips on how best to recover from the high-sugar, high-fat overindulgences of the holiday season, so we can get back on track for the remainder of the year ahead.

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