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30 July 2014

Steve from The Block

Winning The Block in 2014 opened many doors for Steve O'Donnell.
One of them was ours!

Read more about Steve's story, including how he visited us to prepare for the annual EJ Whitten Legends AFL match.

Picture of Steve O'Donnell Posted by: Steve O'Donnell

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12 September 2014

Sally Mathrick on a deeper, gentler detox

As a Naturopath specialising in detoxification and a longtime contributing author to wellness publications such as Wellbeing and Australian Natural Health, Sally Mathrick has extensive personal and professional experience in the safe and gentle removal of toxins from the human body.

Picture of Sally Mathrick Posted by: Sally Mathrick

11 May 2015

A brief history of the infrared sauna

From early steam rooms to Sunlighten's Solocarbon heating technology, sauna culture has stood the test of time. Where did it all begin?

Picture of Sunlighten Posted by: Sunlighten

11 May 2015

Interior decorating with the mPulse sauna range

If you're planning on renovating your house, make sure to include plans to upgrade your health and wellness regime with a new mPulse sauna. Here is a brief decorating guide to help you place one in the home.

Picture of Sunlighten Posted by: Sunlighten

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