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14 July 2021

Can an Infrared sauna really change your life?

It's not often that you stumble across something that you can say has quite literally changed your life, but for Taliah Lowry, Byron Beach Abodes' (BBA) Creative Director, that’s exactly what happened the first time she experienced the magic of a Sunlighten infrared sauna.

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5 May 2021

9 Detox Foods to Add to Your Diet

We’re bombarded with harmful substances every day. Pollutants in the air, additives in our food, and harmful chemicals in household products can have adverse effects on our mood, behavior, energy levels, and overall health. Luckily, nature has gifted us with a variety of healthy foods that can cleanse these irritants from our bodies.

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5 May 2021

Immunity and General Wellness

Stay healthy with the natural preventive properties of Sunlighten’s patented infrared technology. According to doctors, their patients, researchers and our customers, regular use of our saunas is key for general wellness routines, especially now.

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5 May 2021

The wellness revolution starts at home

If the first few months of 2021 are anything to go by, it seems that many of us are still leading the busy lives we always were – and those busy lives are straining our mental and physical wellbeing. So, how can we ‘reset’ the frenetic pace of our lives and nurture our spiritual wellbeing in a more long-lasting way? According to the Global Wellness Institute, the answer can be found in: architecture that touches our souls.

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