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1) ‘I’ve heard about infrared saunas and wondering how they can benefit my well being?’

A Sunlighten sauna is quite different to the traditional hot rocks and high heat experience.

The first thing most people notice is the stress-relieving relaxing of the muscles. Tension melts away, and the deep penetrating warmth is very soothing on aches and pains. With regular use you feel the benefits of a deep, healthy sweat that purifies your body and improves circulation. After the first session, people often notice clearer skin and a deeper, restful sleep.

At Sunlighten, we invest in research and development, and testing by independent third parties to provide you with a safe sauna for improved health benefits.

Our mPulse saunas offer patented 3-in-1™ infrared heater technology to target and assist with detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, relaxation, anti-aging and cardiovascular health.

2) ‘What are the electrical requirements?’

The electrical requirements vary with each sauna size due to the number of heaters required to give you overall infrared coverage.

Please see product pages and scroll down to the ‘Electrical Specifications’ section.

3) Can I place my saunas outdoors?

Our luxury saunas are made using the highest quality timbers and manufactured to furniture quality. They have electronics throughout the sauna, therefore we suggest you take the following into consideration:

  • Find a location protected from the weather

Water on the outside or inside of the saunas will damage timber and electronics.

  • Cover for your sauna

Covers are available to protect your sauna. If you live near a beach, for example, salt in the air can affect its operation. In outdoor environments our Marine Grade Outdoor Covers will help protect the sauna and keep the warranty intact.

  • Ensure that you install roofing over top

Sunlighten saunas are made with flat roofs. It is important that your sauna has a shelter or roof over top. This will help prevent rain and other weather conditions from reaching the sauna.

Our consultants are here to help you find a suitable sauna for your location, they are happy to discuss your outdoor requirements. Get in touch here.

4) What is the price?

At Sunlighten, we offer a large range of saunas and the price vary according to size, features, your location and more. Please speak with one of our friendly team members for a tailored quote.

Sunlighten Australia: 1800 786 544
Sunlighten New Zealand: 0800 004 623

5) ‘Please advise on the best sauna options for my massage clinic (or similar business)’

Sunlighten are the leaders in commercial saunas. We have successfully integrated into gyms, day spas, hotels and health practices worldwide.

All our saunas are built to commercial standard, built for durability, performance, safety and low running costs and maintenance.

1. The Community Sauna

The Community sauna is a Sunlighten world-first innovation. It combines Solocarbon™ infrared heating technology in a robust sauna for commercial environments. Solocarbon™ heating is the safest and most effective heating system on the market. The Community sauna is highly durable and delivers a consistent, beneficial sauna experience. Designed for unsupervised locations it is also wheelchair compliant.

community sauna sunlighten

2. The mPulse Sauna

The mPulse is our flagship range of saunas. Utilising groundbreaking technology and innovation, the mPulse thrives in commercial environments. A built in Android Touchscreen offers numerous entertainment features including Netflix, Facebook, Spotify along with six pre-set programs using 3-in-1™ infrared technology to target your client’s wellness goals.

For enquiries regarding a commercial infrared sauna, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team members. The mPulse is the perfect sauna for salons, health practices and wellness outlets.

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6) What are the specifications for your saunas?

Please see each product page for specifications. Specifications vary depending on the size of the sauna. View the mPulse range here

7) What is the warranty on your saunas?

Sunlighten Saunas in Australia and New Zealand offer a 5 year warranty (12 months parts & labour, plus 4 years parts and service support).

Sunlighten is an international wellness company, with distributors in over 22 countries worldwide.

We’re proud to warranty our products from manufacturing fault or defect. Our technical service and support team is on hand to provide after sales service and support.

Sunlighten Global Support

Being a global organisation comes with peace of mind. You know that you are dealing with an established company for backup service. Your warranty is backed by not only Sunlighten Australia but also Sunlighten US.

Sunlighten has a growing global community. We are committed to empowering people around the world to improve their quality of life.

8) What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs for your sauna are dependent on your location. Our friendly Service team will provide with a quote for delivery upon request.

9) Do I assemble the sauna myself?

You have the option of assembling the sauna yourself. Alternatively, our Service Department can arrange a contractor to assemble your sauna at additional cost. For self-installation, we recommend utilising 2 or more people.

For further information on assembly, please see our User Manuals.

10) What is the difference between your mPulse and Signature Saunas?

Sunlighten saunas are committed to continuous improvement and product innovation.

The mPulse sauna is the only line of smart full spectrum infrared saunas in the world with 3-in-1™ (near, mid and far) infrared sauna technology.

This model is fully customisable to safely and effectively target your wellness needs through six integrated pre-set wellness programs.

An Android touchscreen is integrated into the mPulse sauna that allows customisation of temperature, time. Stay entertained through apps such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or browse the internet.

The mPulse uses a blend of near, mid and far infrared heat to support the following:


The Signature Series offer far infrared heat only. This line of saunas are safe, with ultra-low EMF and an effective constant far infrared heat for a cleansing, detoxifying sweat to assist:

infrared sauna sl1

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