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The fact that saunas have many health benefits is not something most people are unaware of; in fact, this has been proved by numerous health studies world over which has caused a strong surge in people thinking to buy a sauna over the recent past. However, did you know the decision to buy a sauna requires a fair bit of thought, as not all saunas are the same?

A simple Google search of “buy infrared sauna” (assuming you’re after an infrared sauna) would result in a plethora of different saunas, each having its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the type of sauna being compared.

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Many people are unable to relax and enjoy a steam sauna due to the high humidity, and others are constantly looking to overcome the inconvenience of constantly loading wood to fuel wood fired saunas, which has caused a spike in demand for infrared saunas, as they are designed to overcome most of these problems. Not only does it present one of the smallest footprints in terms of physical space requirements, but is usually more affordable on the long and short term compared to electric saunas. Infrared saunas are relatively cheaper initially and also typically consume less energy compared to electric saunas.

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However, thought many companies now stock near infrared saunas, how exactly do you pick the right infrared sauna for your individual requirements? Or more importantly, how do you decide where to buy an infrared sauna? Following are some of the factors that may help you make a more informed decision the next time you’re looking to buy a far infrared sauna.

Range and extent – one of the most primary factors that you should consider when looking to buy a sauna is the range and extent of saunas and sauna equipment in stock. Not only will this help you buy a near infrared sauna but would also help you gauge the reliability and reputation of the seller.

Additionally, if the seller has many infrared saunas in stock, it may help you pick the right one according to factors such as the precise space requirements in your home and style and design most appealing to you.

Expertise and experience of vendor – try to gauge the experience and expertise levels of the seller when looking to buy a sauna. Some key indicators to look for include store locations, expertise of staff and the number of years’ experience in the sauna industry.

Not only would this mean that you get a better service, but could also mean ‘that extra piece of mind’ knowing you’re being served by a seller who understands you when you’re looking to buy an infrared sauna.

Warranty and services – another important factor to consider is the warranty and aftersales service availability. Not only would this mean that you’re receiving the services of an organization that is dedicated providing in a comprehensive service, but also translate to a much better experience in rectifying the unfortunate event of receiving a faulty sauna.

Considering all these factors, deciding where to buy infrared saunas has never been easier! With our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in near infrared saunas and sauna equipment, buying infrared saunas has never been more convenient! So before you Google “buy infrared sauna”, speak to our friendly team at Sunlighten and see how we could translate our years of experience in the industry to better help you buy a sauna!

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