What is the AirPod?

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The latest Japanese wellness technology is now available in Australia, exclusively to Sunlighten. Oxygen is critical for the health and repair of damaged cells in the body. However, under normal conditions, the body is limited in the oxygen it can deliver to rejuvenate and repair cells and tissues. The AirPod is a premium aluminium and stainless steel capsule that uses mild pressure to improve the availability and delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

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How does it work?

Two factors are needed to increase the available oxygen in the circulatory system.

1)      Availability of oxygen

2)      Increased atmospheric pressure

As with an instance of dissolving gas into liquid, pressure is used to dissolve more oxygen into the blood. The increased pressure then forces the oxygen deeper into oxygen-starved cells and tissues.


In Japan, dedicated facilities offering AirPod treatments are frequented by professional athletes, executives and everyday people for a number of outcomes.

The Experience

The pod is a comfortable, relaxing, and meditative experience. Once the client is inside and the unit is sealed, it slowly pressurises over 5 minutes. The client must clear their ears to adjust to the pressure. Once pressurised, a steady flow of compressed, filtered air keeps the AirPod comfortable.

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Factsheet & Support

  • 1.35 atmospheres maximum pressure
  • 5mm aluminium construction
  • Dual controls (user and operator interfaces)
  • Standard 10A power point
  • Installation and training by a specialist in pressurised technologies
  • Annual maintenance program
  • 1 year warranty
  • Marketing support for commercial operators


Pricing and further information

To learn more, visit the AirPod website or contact Sunlighten on 03 9696 4602. You can also submit your enquiry via our contact form.


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