mPulse Empower

5 person sauna

The latest mPulse series saunas feature Android-powered touchscreen controls. This puts the power of 3-in-1® infrared heating at your fingertips.

Learn more about 3-in-1® infrared - unique to Sunlighten.

The mPulse series offers the latest sauna technology for effortless wellness. It comes with unrivaled heating, entertainment and design features.

All five saunas in the mPulse series feature

  • Solocarbon™ 3-in-1® infrared heating technology
  • Near, mid and far infrared heat
  • In-floor heaters
  • Android powered touchscreen with pre-set wellness programs to meet your individual goals
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Fully integrated biofeedback monitoring with optional accessories
  • Premium timber sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Anti-bacterial bamboo carbon backrest heater covers
  • Dimmable halo lighting with optional Chromotherapy colour lighting
  • Pre-heat and session scheduling functions, ready when you are
  • Magne-seal magnetic assembly for easy installation and natural timber movement.


Sauna Dimensions





217.4 202.2


179.3 164.8


199.6 (including required feet)  181.6
All measurements shown in centimeters.
Some images of sauna features displayed on this site may differ under Australian conditions.
Specification sheets are available. Please contact your Sunlighten consultant for more information.

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Size of Sauna

Video: The mPulse Sauna Explained

Electrical Specifications, Delivery and Installation

Electrical Specifications

240V, 4800 watts.

Hardwire to a 25A power supply protected by a 25A RCBO installed in the meter box;

Minimum 4.0mm cable required for circuit; 2.5m cord exits from back left of base.


All Sunlighten saunas have international electrical certification.

To download our certification details, please click here.


We pay for specialist furniture carriers to deliver your sauna, to ensure due care and attention is taken at all stages of delivery.
Delivery fees vary depending on location. Please ask your sales consultant for a delivery quote to your area.

Flat pack dimensions

Your sauna will be delivered in six, flat-packed boxes, and must be stored in a flat, dry area pending installation.

Pack 1: 232cm x 195cm x 18cm (100 kgs)

Pack 2: 232cm x 195cm x 18cm (100 kgs)

Pack 3: 195cm x 197cm x 20cm (71 kgs)

Pack 4: 190cm x 197cm x 20cm (84 kgs)

Pack 5: 198cm x 299cm x 19cm (100 kgs)

Pack 6: 195cm x 230cm x 29cm (134 kgs)

Total weight: 588 kgs



Sunlighten mPulse saunas are designed for self-installation. The mPulse Empower requires at two people and typically takes around two-three hours to install depending on size.
Please be aware your sauna is very well packed with foam, cardboard and other packaging that will require disposal. 

Minimum of 30cm space required above for installation. Allow 15cm around sides, 15cm around the back of sauna. Adding feet to the sauna adds 5cm.

Professional Installation
We have partners throughout Australia and New Zealand who can professionally install your sauna for you. Speak to your sales consultant for a quote or further information.


Sustainable Timber Sourcing 

Sunlighten saunas are made from sustainably sourced timbers. Our timbers come from plantations that are environmentally appropriate, beneficial and viable.

All timbers used are 100% toxin free. 

Sunlighten saunas are a pure environment, free from toxic glues, lacquers, paints or sealants.

Sunlighten saunas are built from tongue-and groove timber constructions. Its designs accommodate shorter board lengths to create a premium aesthetic. This also minimises timber wastage during construction.

The mPulse series saunas are available in three timber options. Please speak with your sales consultant for the latest pricing and stock availability in each timber option.


Western Red Cedar

sauna wood cedar

Sourced from sustainably managed forests on Vancouver Island, Canada, our Western Red Cedar has historically been our most popular timber, for its natural beauty, durability and the scent loved by traditionalists.

Our Western Red Cedar is pure and non-toxic; however a small percentage of the population experience sensitivity to the natural timber oil in Cedar. If this is you, we recommend either our Eucalyptus or hypoallergenic Basswood timber alternatives.

Hypoallergenic Basswood

sauna wood basswood

Basswood is a preferred sauna wood for those who have sensitivities to fragrances and other irritants. It is a hypoallergenic wood that does not emit any fragrances or toxins, and is completely safe for those with allergies.

It is very consistent in colour containing few knots. Basswood is a durable hardwood that is not likely to warp or bend with temperature changes. This wood is perfect for commercial use. Sunlighten uses certified basswood sourced from the United States.

For more information on how our saunas are made, see our useful infographic.

Water Resistant Canvas Sauna Covers

Keep your sauna protected year round and your warranty intact for outdoor use. Available for all Signature and mPulse sauna models.

Sauna Outdoor Covers


The mPulse Empower has 13 Solocarbon heaters.

Haven't heard of infrared heating?

If you're new to infrared heating, click here to learn more with our easy infographic!

mPulse interior guy+HRM01 Large

Solocarbon™ heating technology delivers the Sunlighten sauna experience.

Solocarbon™ heating is the most important innovation in any Sunlighten sauna. Independent researchers and health professionals have conducted many tests on this technology. It has been proven to deliver the exact infrared output recommended. 

This consistency of infrared heat means Sunlighten saunas can deliver various health benefits. Our saunas also offer a more consistent and comfortable sauna experience. Steady, gentle heat, with no cool patches and no burning hot spots – safe and effective infrared heat throughout your session.


App Detox

The benefits of infrared therapy are well documented.

Do you have a specific health goal? Are you wanting a sauna for maintaining wellness? The mPulse series sauna gives you complete control.

Choose from either:

a. Pre-set Programs

Choose one of six pre-programmed sauna sessions. You can experience targeted heat. It comes at varying intervals, for a set duration, to support a specific health goal.

b. The Custom setting

Choose your temperature, choose a time and relax. It’s that simple.

A quality sauna experience relies on quality heating technology. Solocarbon™ heating means no cold spots, no abrasive hot spots. It just means consistent, penetrating infrared heat.

Learn more about Solocarbon™ heating technology.

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