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Experience the gentle, penetrating warmth of Solocarbon in a flexible memory foam pad.

The SoloPad delivers Sunlighten's patented Solocarbon heating technology in a convenient and flexible mat. 

Featuring ten centimetres of plush memory foam, the new SoloPad folds in to four small panels, making it easy to fit in your chair, bed or wherever you like to relax and recharge.

The SoloPad does not induce a deep sweat in the way that Sunlighten saunas do. Instead, the SoloPad uses the same patented heating technology to deliver penetrating far-infrared heat consistently in a flexible and portable mat. 

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Size of Sauna


Solocarbon Memory Foam SoloPad

188cm L x 60cm W x 10cm H

Electrical and Installation

240 Volts

1.25 Amps

300 Watts

The SoloPad is plug-and-play! Simply plug in to any standard power outlet.



The SoloPad contains four patented Solocarbon™ heaters.

Solocarbon™ heating technology delivers the Sunlighten sauna experience.

Haven't heard of infrared heating?

If you're new to infrared heating, click here to learn more with our easy infographic!

The most important innovation in any Sunlighten sauna, Solocarbon™ heating is independently tested and proven to deliver the exact infrared output recommended by independent researchers and health professionals.

This consistency of heat not only means Sunlighten saunas can deliver the health benefits associated with infrared therapy, but a more consistent, more comfortable sauna experience. Steady, gentle heat, with no cool patches and no burning hot spots – just safe and effective infrared heat throughout your session.

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