The Sunlighten Sauna Construction Process

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Infographic - the Sunlighten Sauna Construction Process


We take tremendous pride in the quality of our Sunlighten products. Our key brand differentiator is the level of control Sunlighten maintains over the sourcing, manufacturing, and innovation for our infrared saunas.

Research and Development

We are constantly investing time working with designers, engineers and scientists to research and develop new products. We aim to maintain and improve the lifestyle of our customers by delivering the most effective and innovative wellness products at affordable prices.

Quality Control

There are Sunlighten quality control officers in the factories to inspect both materials and the manufacturing process. We value customer responsiveness and always strive to implement feedback into our research and development process.

For example, during construction the sauna is built, taken apart and re-assembled twice to ensure that it complies with Sunlighten’s stringent quality control standards.

Construction and Materials

Our mPulse and Signature models are both solid tongue and groove construction. The wood (which is basswood, eucalyptus or cedar depending on your model) is 33% thicker than the industry standard.


The newest line of saunas from Sunlighten provides 3 in 1 infrared therapy. The mPulse uses sustainably sourced timber and is committed to participating in socially and environmentally responsible wood sourcing. Additionally, our saunas are tested to ensure that no inorganic glue is used (there is non-toxic, water-based glue used to provide an extra level of security to certain joints) and that no unhealthy gases are emitted upon heating. We strive to make Sunlighten the obvious choice for consumers and businesses.

Other aspects of Sunlighten construction that our customers tell us they love:

• Solid wood benches that are 30% deeper than the industry standard
• Solocarbon® infrared heater is the only far infrared saunas heater to be clinically tested by an accredited University
• Our Solocarbon® heating technology allows our saunas to provide 99% emissivity of infrared heat.
• The Android touch screen in our mPulse series that is designed to provide a personalised experience for the customer with 7 Pre-set programs that users can experience with the touch of a button.
• Superior Blaupunkt AM/FM CD player in our Signature Series and Blaupunkt CD/DVD player in our mPulse series.
• Patented Magne-Seal™ Assembly, our magnetic locking system which eliminates the need for unsightly clips to hold the sauna together, makes assembly easy, helps prevent cracks and warping with wood expansion and contraction, provides better seal and enables double reinforced construction
• Our timber is kiln dried and measured for moisture to prevent any distortion of the wood.

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