Commercial Advantages of Sunlighten saunas

buy a Commercial Sunlighten infrared sauna across Australia and New Zealand

Much lower running costs

  • Sunlighten saunas work efficiently at lower temperatures, therefore the running costs are lower. No high temperatures required therefore much longer runnings costs than traditional saunas

Less setup and maintenance costs

  • Infrared saunas do not require water and will not acquire mould over time. There is no need for a trade waste outlet or external ventilation

Easy installation – through patented Magne-seal assembly technology

  • Sunlighten saunas can be installed by 2 people in just over two hour. Many models plug into a standard 10 amp powerpoint, with larger cabins requiring either 15 amps plugs or hard wired connections

Entertainment options

  • Android touchscreen entertainment systems feature in our mPulse saunas with access to the internet, Netflix, Facebook, Fitbit and Spotify

Wellness benefits for your clientele

  • Independent clinical research has established the benefits of specific wavelengths of far-infrared heat. The key is finding an infrared sauna that has been proven to consistently emit the right wavelength for the outcome you want.

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